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新異動力有限公司(TD DYNAMICS  CO., LIMITED)主營汽車電子的生產和與之配套軟件研發。正如我們公司的名字——Think Different ,我们公司夯实了产品质量的基础上,坚持创新,为用户提供异于普通产品的高级体验。公司對生產的每個環節嚴格把關,研發出包括碳纖維方向盤、撥片、陀螺儀等產品。產品一經推出獲得用戶的不斷的好評。为满足用户极致的体验,公司向物联化,智能化的方向不断开拓进取,研发出与方向盘、拨片互通的APP【得驾】,英文名 LED Performance。使硬件产品更加智能化,更加便捷。

TD Dynamics Co.,Ltd is speciazlied on car electronics production and software developing.Same as our company name --Think Different,our company will work on the quality of products,and invests on innovation,and will provide superb experience. We focus on quality during production,and we have developed carbon fiber steering wheel,paddle shifter.TD Dynamics has won great reputation from the market since our products selling in the market.For fulfill customer's experience and we are working on Internet of Things,Intelligence,and we developed the smart APP Dejia (Chinese Name) and LED Performance (English Name),it will make the products more intelligent and convenient.
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