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Led performance service agreement

Latest version effective date: April 4, 2022

Definition and description

The LED performance service agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is an agreement between the user (hereinafter referred to as "user" or you) and led performance. Led performance will provide services for you in accordance with the contents of this agreement. Please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the contents of each clause. If you do not agree with any clause in this agreement or subsequent amendments to the terms of the agreement, please do not use LED performance and related services. Your use will be deemed as full acceptance of all terms of this agreement.

Led performance provides you with services including but not limited to the following:

Led performance platform: LED performance website COM and client;

Server and network storage space directly owned or operated by LED performance;

Led performance provides you with various value-added services;

Other technologies and / or services provided to you by LED performance.

Registration, use and cancellation of accounts


Led performance and related services provide you with a registration channel. You have the right to choose a legal character combination as your account and set your own password that meets the security requirements. The account and password set by the user are the credentials used by the user to log in and use LED performance and related services.

You understand and promise that the account you set up shall not violate national laws and relevant rules of LED performance, and shall not carry out any behavior that infringes upon national interests, damages the legitimate rights and interests of other citizens, and is harmful to social morality and fashion. There shall be no illegal and bad information in your account name, avatar, profile and other registration information and other personal information, Without the permission of others, it is not allowed to open an account in the name of others (including but not limited to fraudulent use of others' name, name, font size, avatar and other ways that can cause confusion), and it is not allowed to maliciously register led performance accounts (including but not limited to frequent registration, batch registration of accounts and other acts). Led performance has the right to review the information you submit. In the process of account registration and use, you need to comply with the requirements of "seven bottom lines" such as laws and regulations, socialist system, national interests, citizens' legitimate rights and interests, social and public order, moral fashion and information authenticity.

When registering, using and managing the account, you should ensure the authenticity of the identity information filled in when registering the account. Please use true, accurate, legal and effective relevant identity proof materials and necessary information (including your name, e-mail address, contact phone number, contact address, etc.) when registering and managing the account. If there are special provisions in national laws and regulations, you need to fill in the real identity information, Please complete the real name certification in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, so that we can contact you or provide you with better services when necessary, and pay attention to updating the above relevant information in time. If the materials or information you submit or provide are inaccurate, untrue or illegal, or we have reason to suspect that they are wrong, untrue or illegal, you may not be able to use LED performance or services, or some functions may be limited during use.


Your account is limited to your own use. Without the written consent of LED performance, it is prohibited to give, borrow, lease, transfer, sell or otherwise license others to use the account in any form. If led performance finds or reasonably believes that the user is not the initial registrant of the account, led performance has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of services to the registered account or cancel the account in order to ensure the security of the account.

You are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your personal account and password, and bear all legal liabilities for the activities you are engaged in in in the name of your registered account, including but not limited to all legal liabilities that may be caused by any data modification, speech publication, payment and other operations on LED performance and related services. You should attach great importance to the confidentiality of your account and password, and do not disclose your account and password to others under any circumstances. If you find that others use your account without permission or any other security vulnerabilities occur, you should immediately notify led performance.

When you lose your account or forget your password, you can appeal and request to retrieve your account or password in time according to the appeal channel of LED performance. You understand and agree that the password retrieval mechanism of LED performance only needs to identify that the information filled in the complaint form is consistent with the system record data, but cannot identify whether the complainant is a real authorized user of the account. Led performance specially reminds you to keep your account and password properly. When you use it, you should exit safely. If you suffer number theft or password loss due to improper storage or other irresistible factors, you will bear the corresponding responsibility.

If your account is stolen or lost due to malicious attacks by others, your own reasons or other irresistible factors, you shall be responsible, and led performance will not be responsible.

If led performance restricts you to use all or part of the functions of your account in accordance with this Agreement and relevant rules, it may cause you some losses. You understand that the losses are borne by yourself and led performance is not responsible.

In addition to registering your own LED performance account, you can also authorize the use of your legally owned software user accounts, including but not limited to LED performance and / or its affiliates, as well as the real name registered third-party software user account to log in and use LED performance and related services, except for those restricted or prohibited by the third-party software or platform. When you log in and use the above-mentioned account, you shall ensure that the corresponding account has been registered with your real name, and the relevant provisions of this Agreement shall also apply.

You understand and agree that in addition to logging in and using LED performance and related services, you can also log in and use other software and services provided by LED performance and its affiliates or cooperative third parties with LED performance account. When you log in with LED performance account and use the above services, you will be bound by the user agreement and other agreement terms of the actual provider of the above services.

The identity element is the basis for us to identify your identity. Please keep it properly. The operations and instructions made by using identity elements are deemed to be made by yourself. The account, password and other information are fraudulently used, embezzled or illegally used due to your reasons, and the risks and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by yourself. You agree that based on different terminals and your usage habits, we may take different verification measures to identify your identity.

You understand and agree that in order to make full use of account resources, led performance has the right to withdraw your account nickname if you fail to log in for the first time after registration or fail to log in for more than one year.


You have the right to apply for account cancellation to LED performance. After you cancel your led performance account, you will no longer be able to log in and use LED performance and related services with this account, and led performance will also terminate providing you with our products and services under this account. And once the LED performance account is cancelled, it cannot be recovered. Please consider carefully before signing out.

If you determine that you need to cancel the LED performance account, you have fully known and confirmed that after the account is cancelled, you will no longer have the relevant rights and interests of the account, including but not limited to:

After the account is cancelled, you will no longer be able to log in with this account and use LED performance and related services;

After account cancellation, all contents, information, data and records that you have logged in and used LED performance and related services through this account will be deleted or anonymized, and you can no longer search, access, obtain, use and retrieve, including but not limited to: account information (avatar, nickname, signature, etc.) and binding information;

After the account is cancelled, the transaction record of the account will be cleared and cannot be recovered;

You agree to cancel the expected rights and interests of the account and related services in the future.

After the account is cancelled, led performance has the right not to provide any service related to the account to the user;

Before you apply to us for cancellation of LED performance account, in order to protect your account security and property rights, you need to check and ensure that the account you apply for cancellation has met the following conditions at the same time, including but not limited to:

The account number is the account number registered by the user through official channels and complies with this Agreement and relevant provisions; And your own account number;

Carry out the cancellation operation according to the specified cancellation process;

The account is in a safe state, including: not in the state of applying for retrieving the password and modifying the mobile phone number; There are no unsolved complaints and reports; Other unsafe / abnormal conditions;

There are no unprocessed transactions in the account;

Other conditions to be met.

Once the LED performance account is cancelled, the relevant user agreements and other rights and obligations documents signed between you and us will be terminated accordingly (except those that have been agreed to continue to take effect or otherwise stipulated by law). At the same time, you know and agree that even if your account is cancelled, it will not relieve or exempt you from the relevant responsibilities that you should (may) bear in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, relevant agreements, rules, etc. during the term of the agreement.

intellectual property right

The contents of LED performance and related services, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website architecture, website picture arrangement and web page design, are owned by LED performance or its affiliates according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.

Do not apply, modify, reverse compile, copy, publicly disseminate, change, distribute, distribute or publicly publish the relevant contents of LED performance and services without the written consent of LED performance or its affiliates.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing between you and led performance, nothing in these terms of service grants you the right to use any trade name, trademark, service mark, logo, domain name and other prominent brand features of LED performance.

Respecting intellectual property rights is your obligation. In case of violation, you need to bear the liability for damages.

You understand and agree that when using LED performance and related services, the text, pictures, videos, audio, etc. released and uploaded are original or legally authorized by you. The intellectual property rights of any content you upload and publish through LED performance belong to you or the original copyright owner. If a third party raises an objection about copyright or other legitimate rights and interests, led performance has the right to delete the relevant content according to the actual situation, and has the right to investigate your legal responsibility. You shall be responsible for full compensation for any loss caused to LED performance or any third party.

Privacy protection

Led performance fully respects the protection of users' personal information. The privacy policy of LED performance introduces how led performance handles your personal information when you use LED performance and related services. By using LED performance and related services, you agree that led performance can process the corresponding information in accordance with the privacy policy.

User code of conduct

In the process of using LED performance and related services, the following laws and regulations shall be observed:

Law of the people's Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets

Copyright law of the people's Republic of China

Regulations of the people's Republic of China on the security protection of computer information systems

Regulations on the protection of computer software

Regulations on the administration of Internet electronic announcement service

Regulations on the protection of the right to information network dissemination

Network security law of the people's Republic of China

Other laws and regulations on computer and Internet.

In any case, once led performance reasonably believes that the user's behavior may violate the above laws and regulations, it can terminate the provision of services to the user at any time without prior notice.

Users are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors:

Production, uploading, reproduction, transmission and dissemination include any opposition to the basic principles defined in the constitution, endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity, undermining national unity, harming national honor and interests, inciting national hatred, national discrimination, undermining national unity, undermining national religious policies, promoting cults and feudal superstitions, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder Terrorist or abetting crime, insulting or slandering others, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others and other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations or other objectionable contents, including but not limited to information, data, text, software, music, photos, graphics, information or other materials;

Falsifying the title or manipulating the identification data in other ways, so that people mistakenly believe that the content is transmitted by LED performance;

Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit content (such as internal information and confidential information) that is not authorized to be transmitted;

Upload, post, send e-mail or otherwise transmit the content infringing anyone's patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and other intellectual property rights;

Send advertising letters, promotional materials, & quot; Spam & quot; Upload, post, send e-mail or otherwise transmit;

Upload, post, send e-mail or otherwise transmit information about software viruses or other computer codes, files and programs that interfere with, damage or restrict the function of any computer software, hardware or communication equipment;

Users shall ensure that their uploaded content shall not violate the relevant provisions of the State Administration of radio, film and television, including but not limited to the provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program services (Decree No. 56 of the State Administration of radio, film and television). Their uploaded programs shall comply with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules, and the uploaded content shall not contain the following contents:

Opposing the basic principles defined in the constitution;

Endangering national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity;

Divulging state secrets, endangering State security or harming state honor and interests;

Inciting national hatred and discrimination, undermining national unity, or infringing upon the people

得驾 隐私政策

欢迎您访问我们的产品。  得驾 (包括App等产品提供的服务,以下简称“产品和服务”)是由  TD DYNAMIC CO., LIMITED (以下简称“我们”)开发并运营的。 确保用户的数据安全和隐私保护是我们的首要任务, 本隐私政策载明了您访问和使用我们的产品和服务时所收集的数据及其处理方式。  请您在继续使用我们的产品前务必认真仔细阅读并确认充分理解本隐私政策全部规则和要点, 一旦您选择使用,即视为您同意本隐私政策的全部内容,同意我们按其收集和使用您的相关信息。 如您在在阅读过程中,对本政策有任何疑问,可联系我们的客服咨询, 请通过  [email protected] 或产品中的反馈方式与我们取得联系。 如您不同意相关协议或其中的任何条款的,您应停止使用我们的产品和服务。  本隐私政策帮助您了解以下内容: 一、我们如何收集和使用您的个人信息;二、我们如何存储和保护您的个人信息;三、我们如何共享、转让、公开披露您的个人信息; 一、我们如何收集和使用您的个人信息  个人信息是指以电子或者其他方式记录的能够单独或者与其他信息, 结合识别特定自然人身份或者反映特定自然人活动情况的各种信息。 我们根据《中华人民共和国网络安全法》和《信息安全技术个人信息安全规范》(GB/T 35273-2017) 以及其它相关法律法规的要求,并严格遵循正当、合法、必要的原则, 出于您使用我们提供的服务和/或产品等过程中而收集和使用您的个人信息,包括但不限于电话号码、电子邮箱地址等。  为接受我们全面的产品服务,您应首先注册一个用户账号,我们将通过它记录相关的数据。 您所提供的所有信息均来自于您本人在注册时提供的数据。 您准备使用的账户名、密码、您本人的联系方式, 我们可能通过发短信或者邮件的方式来验证您的身份是否有效。  二、我们如何存储和保护您的个人信息  作为一般规则,我们仅在实现信息收集目的所需的时间内保留您的个人信息。 我们会在对于管理与您之间的关系严格必要的时间内保留您的个人信息 (例如,当您开立帐户,从我们的产品获取服务时)。 出于遵守法律义务或为证明某项权利或合同满足适用的诉讼时效要求的目的, 我们可能需要在上述期限到期后保留您存档的个人信息,并且无法按您的要求删除。  当您的个人信息对于我们的法定义务或法定时效对应的目的或档案不再必要时, 我们确保将其完全删除或匿名化。  我们使用符合业界标准的安全防护措施保护您提供的个人信息,并加密其中的关键数据, 防止其遭到未经授权访问、公开披露、使用、修改、损坏或丢失。我们会采取一切合理可行的措施,保护您的个人信息。 我们会使用加密技术确保数据的保密性;我们会使用受信赖的保护机制防止数据遭到恶意攻击。  三、我们如何共享、转让、公开披露您的个人信息  在管理我们的日常业务活动所需要时,为追求合法利益以更好地服务客户, 我们将合规且恰当的使用您的个人信息。出于对业务和各个方面的综合考虑, 我们仅自身使用这些数据,不与任何第三方分享。  我们可能会根据法律法规规定,或按政府主管部门的强制性要求,对外共享您的个人信息。 在符合法律法规的前提下,当我们收到上述披露信息的请求时,我们会要求必须出具与之相应的法律文件,如传票或调查函。 我们坚信,对于要求我们提供的信息,应该在法律允许的范围内尽可能保持透明。  在以下情形中,共享、转让、公开披露您的个人信息无需事先征得您的授权同意: 1、与国家安全、国防安全直接相关的;2、与犯罪侦查、起诉、审判和判决执行等直接相关的; 3、出于维护您或其他个人的生命、财产等重大合法权益但又很难得到本人同意的; 4、您自行向社会公众公开的个人信息; 5、从合法公开披露的信息中收集个人信息的,如合法的新闻报道、政府信息公开等渠道。 6、根据个人信息主体要求签订和履行合同所必需的; 7、用于维护所提供的产品或服务的安全稳定运行所必需的,例如发现、处置产品或服务的故障; 8、法律法规规定的其他情形。







身份要素是我们识别您身份的依据,请您务必妥善保管。使用身份要素进行的操作、发出的指令视为您本人做出。因您的原因造成的账户、密码等信息被冒用、盗用或非法使用,由此引起的风险和损失需要由您自行承担。 您同意,基于不同的终端以及您的使用习惯,我们可能采取不同的验证措施识别您的身份。













用户需保证其上传内容不得违反广电总局的相关规定,包括但不限于《互联网视听节目服务管理规定》(广电总局 56 号令)等,其上传节目应当符合法律、行政法规、部门规章的规定,上传内容不得含有以下内容:








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